Anatomy of destruction By Barbara Witkowska 4th – 18th December 2015

We are pleased to announce our new show starting 4th December at one one six. Anatomy of destruction By Barbara Witkowska In collaboration with Barbara’s Show we have the Projection Series by Lauren Cookson. Barbara Witkowska’s attention is focused on the human as an inseparable part of nature. Humans are part of the eternalContinue reading “Anatomy of destruction By Barbara Witkowska 4th – 18th December 2015”

“War Fragments set in daily life” By Clélia CARROT

Challenging your perception of reality that has been influenced by the media Gallery 116 opened last night for its latest exhibition by French Artist CLELIA CARROT, WAR FRAGEMENTS SET IN DAILY LIFE. The work is a collection of images showing what seems to be moments in time of thought, tragedy, war and history, but onContinue reading ““War Fragments set in daily life” By Clélia CARROT”

Work Experence Program

As a Gallery and Studio we welcome Schools and colleges to invite students to contact us for work experience. We offer a varied program for students wishing to work in the creative industries. We offer experience in Gallery Curation which includes all aspects of creating a professional exhibition from idea to showcase. Studio photography fromContinue reading “Work Experence Program”

Callout for Photography

Hi Guys! I’d like to bring to your attention a couple of things this month. Firstly, we are one year old, and thank you for all the support, artists, visitors, exhibitions and friends / family that have helped the gallery along this first fun year. I’d also like to promote a slight change over theContinue reading “Callout for Photography”