The Beauty of colour in the landscape, By John Garrett

John went to Plymouth uni where he studied Marine Engineering before going to sea as a marine engineer for Shell Tankers…. I had been a novice photographer which i had been introduced to by my mother after she had let me take a shot on her box brownie at the tender age of 7 whilstContinue reading “The Beauty of colour in the landscape, By John Garrett”


Gallery 116 is proud to announce our new exhibition, A Cut Through Stoke. John Snow has had a passion for photography for over 50 years, first been introduced to the canals  by his grandfather as they took walks along  to Middleport when john was a youngster. His passion to photograph the ever changing landscape ofContinue reading “A CUT THROUGH STOKE BY JOHN SNOW”

“War Fragments set in daily life” By Clélia CARROT

Challenging your perception of reality that has been influenced by the media Gallery 116 opened last night for its latest exhibition by French Artist CLELIA CARROT, WAR FRAGEMENTS SET IN DAILY LIFE. The work is a collection of images showing what seems to be moments in time of thought, tragedy, war and history, but onContinue reading ““War Fragments set in daily life” By Clélia CARROT”

Work Experence Program

As a Gallery and Studio we welcome Schools and colleges to invite students to contact us for work experience. We offer a varied program for students wishing to work in the creative industries. We offer experience in Gallery Curation which includes all aspects of creating a professional exhibition from idea to showcase. Studio photography fromContinue reading “Work Experence Program”

Unifi Exhibition

Unifi is a new collection and group exhibition of photographers brought to you by Gallery 116. It showcases the commercial side of 116 and hosts a diverse range of work and photographic artists. Unifi aims to champion photography as an art form and represent work to clients, collectors and buyers whom are looking to fulfilContinue reading “Unifi Exhibition”

Show Your Selfie

 Gallery 116 in partnership with Appetite presents a new project – Show Your Selfie. Located in a City centre venue we invite you to take part in the wall of selfies, workshops and the pop-up photography studio. Send, bring in or take your own Selfie in our photo studio and you will be added toContinue reading “Show Your Selfie”

I’m showing some artwork that you can look at with your eyes.

I’m showing some artwork that you can look at with your eyes. By Mark Brereton After battling with a heart condition in 2013 a planned exhibition was postponed until I made a recovery. My new exhibition is now a retrospective of 10 years working as a freelance Graphic Artist and Photographic Artist. It aims toContinue reading “I’m showing some artwork that you can look at with your eyes.”