SoT Art – 29th September to 7th October

Invitation SoTArt @ Gallery 116 fb copy

SoTArt is a contemporary art group based in and around Stoke on Trent.

It aims to make art accessible for everyone through exhibitions and events. Their wide-ranging skills include drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, installations and site-specific projects.

The exhibition at Gallery 116 (30th September to 7th October) is a body of work highlighting each artists individual styles and interests including –

James Dudley Wards ‘Forming’ a study in spatial /structural geometry and ‘Centigrade’  / ’Conversation’ the anonymous use and juxtaposition of one colour against another.
Jackie Marshals ‘Shore’ a wave of driftwood suspended in the gallery.
Allison Dias ‘Śūnyatā 5B’ a stunning mixed media painting flooded with layers of paint and information.
Other artists included are Frank Foy with ‘Made in Stoke’, Rie Suto with ‘Share’ Russell Willett with Computer Cogs’ and Karen Boulton with ‘Nearly there but not quite’ and Re-growth – a non Painting.

SoTArt Contemporary Artists 07881960305

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Centre Space Arts, we are an independent artist lead gallery based in Stoke on Trent. We exhibit a vastly diverse range of art by artists from the Midlands and beyond.

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