LOVE YOU LONG THAI-ME – Drew and Chelle

new drew


Its been a dream of mine to hold an exhibition of the photographs of our travels around Thailand and now its finally come true 😉 It seems like its been a long Thai-me ( hahaha ) coming to be honest! We are so excited to finally share them with you all at the Gallery One One Six here in Stoke…
This exhibition will feature photographs taken by both me and also Chelle!!! Mine you will all be familiar with but Chelles not so much. I bet alot of you didnt know that she has a Masters degree in Fine Art!!!
It was while she was on her degree in Stoke that she developed her own unique style of taking photographs.
The exhibition, like Thailand, will show the contrast of our different styles when we pick up a camera and ‘click’…It will be this visual difference that will add to the uniqueness of our show!!!
What will hopefully also make this exhibition interesting will be poems from my journal. My new found love of writing poetry happened at thirty three thousand feet on the plane out to Thailand! My first poem was actually written on a aeroplane napkin, and from then on everyday for 6 weeks!!!!
( who knows i might even read a few if you behave yerselves :-D)
We hope you can join us and take a visual trip around Thailand as we showcase our personal views of this beautiful, fascinating and magical land…..
There will be a selection of nibbles and the obligatory bottles of wine and soft drinks for your edible and aural pleasure 🙂

PLEASE NOTE that there will be a private party held at Pilgrims Pit rom 9.15pm in true traditional ‘Sanger Tribe’ style with Jon Paul Green,DJ Buzz Hard for your audio pleasure til late 😉




Published by Centre Space Arts

Centre Space Arts, we are an independent artist lead organization based in Stoke on Trent. We work with a variety of artists from the Midlands and beyond to create exhibitions and workshops around Staffordshire; helping those who are vulnerable communities to express themselves and learn to create and simply have fun.

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