“Portraits” By Charlotte Leanne Jones


“Portraits” By Charlotte Leanne Jones


“Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter”

Oscar Wilde

One of the first things that we are taught as a child was that you shouldn’t talk to strangers. A very valuable lesson to protect us against the outside world, wrapping us in cotton wool until that day where talking to strangers becomes a necessity. That day for me was when I decided to title myself as an artist.

From that point I have found strangers fascinating, from the stories that I conclude from the way they move across the road to their portraits scattered across social media. Never the less nothing will ever be more fascinating the connection I feel when looking through a microscope. The connection will never be verbal or face-to-face and I will never even know their names, but each an every portrait will show a microscopic insight into the life of a stranger.

With the use of expressive line work stemming from the development in my own personal style, I believe this work stretches from the ordinary scientific illustration. Thus creating works that are as completely individual as the individuals that I am responding to.



Published by Centre Space Arts

Centre Space Arts, we are an independent artist lead organization based in Stoke on Trent. We work with a variety of artists from the Midlands and beyond to create exhibitions and workshops around Staffordshire; helping those who are vulnerable communities to express themselves and learn to create and simply have fun.

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