Samples and Examples of a Lifetime in Art: An 80th birthday exhibition by Alexander Simpson -February 20 – February 25

Samples and Examples of a Lifetime in Art: An 80th birthday exhibition by Alexander Simpson.

Alex has been prolifically producing art from his home in Stoke-on-Trent for over 35 years. The exhibition, as the name suggests, will show examples of his huge body of work across varied forms: sculpture (stone, metal, wood, mixed media), painting, boxes, assemblages, collage and prints.

Having exhibited in London, Manchester, Liverpool and galleries across the UK, Alex is very much looking forward to celebrating his 80th birthday with a show in his hometown. This is an exciting opportunity to engage with a local artist who has been working persistently since the mid-60s, with influences from Kurt Schwitters, Joseph Cornell, Pablo Picasso, Fritz Wotruba, Amedeo Modigliani, Marino Marini, Henry Moore, Jacob Epstein, and David Smith.

Alex works with abandoned and rejected elements of the world we live in, reconfiguring and transforming them into things of character and beauty: figures and heads emerge from abandoned masonry blocks, incorporating the remnants of what was before; steel shapes scavenged from scrapyards forge together to create new forms; junk mail and insignificant discarded materials become collages and boxes. “I’ll carry on making art as long as people are throwing stuff away”, Alex says, the eternal recycler.

The exhibition will be open daily 10am-4pm from 20th-25th February 2017, with an opening evening on Monday 20th (until 8pm), and a birthday party to close the show on Saturday 25th. If you would like to talk to Alex, please call ahead to ensure he will be around when you intend to visit, as he will be dropping in throughout the week.




Published by Centre Space Arts

Centre Space Arts, we are an independent artist lead organization based in Stoke on Trent. We work with a variety of artists from the Midlands and beyond to create exhibitions and workshops around Staffordshire; helping those who are vulnerable communities to express themselves and learn to create and simply have fun.

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